Armughan Al-Haq

Armughan Al-Haq

Manager, Program Development, Partnerships and Finance

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Work Phone:
519-888-4567, ext 48759
Mobile Phone:
EVOLV1 1004, 420 Wes Graham Way Waterloo, ON
Waterloo, Ontario
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Armughan Al-Haq works with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) at the University of Waterloo (UW) as the Manager of Program Development, Partnerships and Finance. He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Health Studies (BHS) from York University. Afterwards, he went to the University of Waterloo and graduated with a master’s degree in Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (MBET) from the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business followed by another master’s degree in applied science (MASc) from the Department of Civil Engineering.

His research focus is in the area of renewable energy systems (geothermal, wind, solar, biomass), climate finance, net zero buildings, capital/financial markets, and health economics. He brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective with strong experience in the business/finance and energy sector.

At WISE, Armughan is responsible for the successful execution of multiple R&D projects initiated by WISE in collaboration with different universities, research institutes, government agencies, and industry partners. He manages the strategic initiatives of WISE in enhancing its project portfolio, investment capital, and I.P capacity in the renewable energy sector leading to research commercialization, prototype development, and deployment of pilot projects on a nationwide scale.


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