David Roewade

David Roewade

sustainability Planner

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Work Phone:
519) 575-4757 Ext. 3308
(519) 743-7420
50 Queen Street, 7th Floor
Canada, N2H 6P4
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David Roewade comes from a business development and marketing background then branched into the environmental field about 25 years ago. His undergraduate degree is in environmental resource management and a Master’s degree focused on community economic development and climate change. David operated an environmental consulting business for several years with clients including the federal government, industry associations, post-secondary schools and community groups. David joined the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health department in 2001 working on health hazard investigation and moved onto developing and implementing their Sustainability Strategy beginning in 2007. Currently, he is implementing the Region’s corporate and community GHG Inventory and action plans and is currently working with local partners to develop a Community Energy Investment Strategy.

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