Eric Prouzet

Eric Prouzet

Associate Professor & Associate Director (Global Initiatives) of Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

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Work Phone:
(519)-888-4567 ext. 38172
QNC 4614, 200 University Avenue
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 3G1
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The main research area of Pr. Eric Prouzet in sustainable energy, are: (i) synthesis of porous materials that can be used or integrated into electrodes for energy storage - batteries, supercapacitors -, (ii) preparation of membranes for separation of CO2 from flue gas, (iii) cleaning of flue gas before CO2 separation or chemical scrubbing, (iv) bioconversion of CO2 by microalgae - Pr. Prouzet was co-founder and CSOuntil 2011 of Prodal-G Inc. for the development of an industrial platform for the bioconversion of CO2, Founder of Synapse-ID, a Cie working in Science consulting and education, and co-founder, CEO and Pdt of Science Enriched Publishing Inc., a company created in 2013 to develop a new approach in scientific publishing.

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