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AE4H 2019 Innovation Lab

Wednesday, June 19 Friday, June 21
On Wednesday June 19th a public event will be held, featuring innovation lab participants discussing cleantech entrepreneurship in Africa. This event is also a part of the TrueNorth Festival, the largest annual gathering of tech leaders in Canada's technology triangle.

The ‘innovation lab’ is a non-traditional workshop format wherein participants focus more on what they want to do next and how they might work together rather than on sharing past results. Deep discussions in small groups are a feature. These are invite-only events that feature a highly diverse set of participants (expertise, nationality, age, gender, etc.). The 2019 event represents our second full-scale innovation lab.

WISE Public Lecture: The Road to Reliable and Economically Feasible Electricity for Remote Communities in Developing and Developed Economies

Wednesday 3PM → 4PM
Mohamed Elkadragy, PEng, Renewable Energy Scientist (Expertise in Energy Storage and Off-Grid Systems), Technical Trainer, Electrical Engineer.

WISE Public Lecture: Hydrogen as a Sustainable Fuel: Its Role Globally and in Ontario

Thursday, July 4 10:30AM → 11:30AM
Dr. Ofelia A. Jianu, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering, University of Windsor

Student Energy Summit 2019 (SES 2019)

Wednesday, July 17 → Saturday, July 20
Inspire. Empower. Drive change. The International Student Energy Summit 2019 is an interdisciplinary summit created for students by students. Our mission? To spearhead the energy transition towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

WISE Energy Day 2019

Thursday, September 26
Save the date for this annual WISE event now!
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