Zoom Webinar | WISE Public Lecture: Advances in Feedback Control for Power Grid Modernization

Wednesday, October 28 2:30PM → 3:30PM Export

The ongoing deployment of distributed energy resources across all layers of the grid is changing the way power systems are operated and controlled; classical power system control architectures are presently being re-examined and revised to meet these challenges. A particular problem of interest is how hierarchical and distributed control loops, using high-bandwidth sensors and actuators, can be designed to mitigate the fast, spatially-distributed disturbances arising from renewable energy integration.

Driven by these challenges, we discuss in this talk an evolving line of research focusing on the design of feedback controllers which optimize the steady-state performance of a dynamic system. We outline two constructive design frameworks for variants of this problem. The first framework begins from an optimization viewpoint, taking standard projected gradient algorithms and modifying them to accept real-time system measurements. Ideas from robust control can be leveraged to obtain closed-loop stability certificates. The second framework is instead rooted in classical tracking controller designs and relies on inserting the desired optimality conditions directly into a feedback loop. The two frameworks are illustrated with detailed applications to power system control problems, specifically to the problems of secondary frequency control and coordinated voltage control in transmission and distribution systems.


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October 20, 2020

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