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You could be instrumental in helping researchers transform transportation and energy use in Ontario and around the world - just by driving your plug-in electric vehicle.

Join Drive4Data and get access to detailed reports on your EV's performance while providing researchers with real-world data to advance everything from battery technology to smart grid management.

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Sign up for Drive4Data, and FleetWise will help you make the transition to zero-emission electric vehicles. We'll help you make the best purchasing choice even help you train your drivers to get the most from your new vehicles.

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At WISE, we're pushing the boundaries of EV performance, helping electricity managers prepare for a revolution in transportation, and paving the way for widespread adoption of EVs in Ontario and around the world.

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Monitor your PEV's performance online

Access your car's data from the comfort of your computer. By registering for Drive4Data you'll get a personal dashboard on the FleetCarma website where you can access detailed reports on your vehicle's performance. Track the distance that you've travelled, optimize your charging schedule, monitor your fuel and electricity usage and benchmark your performance against similar vehicles - it's all there. See it in action >>

Your personal vehicle datalogger

When you sign up for Drive4Data, we provide you with your very own FleetCarma C5 Datalogger. Smaller than a pack of sticky notes, the datalogger is what collects your vehicle's drive cycle and powertrain data (like vehicle speed, vehicle acceleration, and battery state-of-charge). Not only do you get to see this data on your dashboard, but we also collect an anonymous version to fuel dozens of research projects. The installation is free and only takes a few minutes. Watch an installation video >>

Just keep driving

The more you or your fleet drive, the more data your datalogger can collect. Researchers will use your data to transform transportation and energy use in Ontario and around the world.
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The Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Waterloo North Hydro, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro, Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, and the Community Environmental Fund administered by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.


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