Energy Day 2016


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"A Self Contained Integrated System for Electricity Grid Monitoring"
Sid Zarabi & Egon Fernandes

"Compressed Air Energy Storage in Ontario: A Solution to Providing Grid Flexibility"

Fraser Lord & Jai Duhan

"Recent Progress and Challenges in the Development of a Multiscale Modeling Framework for Wind Farm Planning and Power Predictions"
Ping Ma, Hang Meng, Chris Men, Deyong Wen, Fue-Sang Lien, William Melek, Eugene Yee & Yongsheng Chen

"Multivariable DG Impedance Modeling for the Microgrid Stability Assessment" 
Maher A. Azzouz & Ehab F. El-Saadany

 "Re-Use of Electric Vehicle Batteries for Smart Grid Energy Storage Systems"
Andrew Andrade, Alen Daniel, Julia Kavuma, Marwan Saadeldin & Wajeeh Syed

 "Modelling and Testing of Bidirectional Smart Charger for Distribution System EV Integration"
Mauricio Restrepo, Jordan Morris, Claudio Canizares and Mehrdad Kazzerani


"Microgrid as a Viable Host for Renewable Resources"
Mohammed E. Nassar, Amir A. Hamad, Magdy M. A. Salama & Ehab F. Al-Saadany

"H-SPOT: A Personal Thermal Comfort System for Offices"
A. Rabbani, R. Kalaimani, C. Rosenburg, & S. Keshav


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