ECC Fellows Experience the Energy Transition to 2030 in One Day at Newtonian Shift

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By December 4, 2015
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On November 30th, WISE Members and Energy Council of Canada Fellows - Gord Stephen, Yonatan Strauch, and Stephanie Whitney - participated in the Newtonian Shift event organized by the MaRS Advanced Energy Centre, and hosted by the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI), at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, in Waterloo. Gord, Yonatan and Stephanie are members of the Sustainable Energy Policy Group led by Professor Ian Rowlands who is currently representing UW at COP21 in Paris. They were joined in attendance by executive leadership from local utilities, representatives from MaRS and their corporate sponsors, Siemens, Capgemini, the Ministry of Energy and the developers and commissioner of Newtonian shift. Together they were asked to 'experience the energy transition to 2030 in one day', an experience that


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