Our Labs

AGSL (Advanced Glazing System Lab)

Applied Nanomaterials & Clean Energy Lab

Carbon Nanomaterials Lab

CAMJ (Centre for Advanced Materials Joining)

CAPDS (Center for Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Systems)

CATT (Centre for the Advancement of Trenchless Technology)

CPATT (Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology Laboratory)

Electricity Market Simulation and Optimization Lab

Energy Harvesting Lab

Fluid Mechanics Research Lab

G2N (Giga to Nano Centre)

HVEL (High Voltage Energy Lab)

ISS4E (Information Systems and Science for Energy Lab)

Kleinke Research Centre

Laboratory for Research in Thermochemical Process and Green Energy [under construction]

Lab for Biomanufacturing

LEER (Laboratory for Emerging Energy Research)

Fuel Cell and Green Energy R&D

Maglev Microrobotics Laboratory

Mechatronics Vehicle Lab

Nazar Research Group

Non-destructive Testing Laboratory

Power and Energy Systems Group

Printable Electronic Materials Lab

Qing-Bin Lu's Laboratory

Research Laboratory for Green Energy & Pollution Control

SDRL(Smart Distribution Research Lab)

STRL (Solar Thermal Research Laboratory)

Student Research Centre

Sustainable Energy Policy Group

Sustainable Reaction Engineering Laboratory

UW Live Fire Research Centre

Wind Energy Laboratory

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