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WISE believes in clean energy that is accessible and affordable for all. Our mission is to conduct original research and develop innovative solutions and policies to help transform the energy system for long-term sustainability.
How do we achieve our mission?
At WISE, we recognize that the energy issues facing our society are complex. That's why our over 100 experts are drawn from dozens of different disciplines spanning engineering, environment, science, applied health studies, math and arts. Energy issues also involve multiple stakeholders. We work closely with utilities, private-sector partners, government and the non-profit sector to ground our work in real-world issues. We offer our partners the full spectrum of energy R&D, education and training and commercialization activities.
WISE research is shaping public attitudes, informing energy policy, tackling current problems and creating transformative change for the future.

Our Team


Claudio Canizares, Acting Executive Director
Professor Cañizares is the inaugural Hydro One Chair in Power Engineering. His research includes smart grid power distribution and management as well as alternative energy and sustainability projects. He has a keen interest in stability and security analysis and improvements of power systems in a deregulated environment and makes significant contributions to integrating clean energy technologies into the grid by addressing issues of the electricity sector through research, development and deployment projects.
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Jatin NathwaniJatin Nathwani, Professor, Ontario Research Chair and Executive Director
Professor Nathwani serves on several Boards at the provincial and national levels. His current focus is on competitive energy policies to enable the innovations required for the transition of the global energy system to a lower carbon energy economy. WISE promotes policies to enhance the environmental and economic performance over the long term.
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Armughan.jpgArmughan Al-Haq, Manager, Program Development and Partnerships
Armughan is responsible for the successful execution of multiple R&D projects initiated by WISE in collaboration with different universities, research institutes, government agencies, and industry partners. He manages the strategic initiatives of WISE in enhancing its project portfolio, investment capital, and I.P capacity in the renewable energy sector leading to research commercialization, prototype development, and deployment of pilot projects on a nationwide scale.
Iris StricklerIris Strickler BA, Administrative Assistant
Iris oversees all daily administrative functions at WISE and serves as the administrative assistant to the Executive Director. Iris' strong customer focus allows WISE members and partners to concentrate their efforts on driving innovative energy solutions with the assurance that they will be able to do so within a first-class and highly professional environment.
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2.pngNeelima Chembil Palat, Communications Specialist (Co-op)

Neelima manages the Drive4Data project, facilitating communication between car dealerships, customers, and technology partners in order to enhance access to electric vehicle information for UW researchers. She is also responsible for managing the website content, design and development of marketing campaigns and other graphic-related aspects of WISE project materials.
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Meet our Associate Directors

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