Advanced Glazing System Laboratory

Advanced Glazing System Laboratory (AGSL)

Researchers are creating a library of tools to model window glazing and shading for green building design. Our cutting-edge equipment includes a rooftop test facility, an exceptionally high-resolution spectrophotometer and the unique Broad Area Illuminated Integrating Sphere, which allows researchers to measure directional and spectral transmittance and reflectance of spatially non-uniform samples.

Research Spotlight

Casting Light on Window Shades


For hundreds of years, people have used venetian blinds to keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Simply adjust the angle of the blinds and you control how much solar energy enters the room. Modeling that effect isn't quite so easy, however.

Existing computer programs can accurately model heat gain and loss through unshaded windows. Where they fall short is when you add attachments like blinds or drapes to the window. That's a problem for green building design since the "greenhouse" effect, created when sunlight passes through glass, represents a significant energy load and can dramatically increase indoor temperatures. 

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