Applied Nanomaterials & Clean Energy Lab

Applied Nanomaterials & Clean Energy Laboratory 

Looks at how nanomaterials can advance clean energy and environmental technology. We're reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of fuel cells through electrocatalysts and proton exchange membranes. We're developing metal-air batteries, which can store more than three times as much energy, by weight, as lithium-ion batteries. Finally, we're investigating the use of polymer-zeolite composite membranes for water purification.

Research Spotlight


Imagine a simple, durable energy storage system that can deliver more than a thousand watts of power per kilogram. Imagine that it can be charged and discharged far faster than any battery. Now imagine being able to bend and twist it.

WISE's Aiping Yu and her chemical engineering team have created a supercapacitor with energy densities and storage capabilities several orders of magnitude greater that those of conventional capacitors. And, yes, squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger and it forms a graceful curve.

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