APRIL: Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory

Research Laboratory for Green Energy & Pollution Control 

Investigates the thermochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels, such as the hydrothermal conversion of cellulose to HMF (a solid biofuel) and bio-oil. In addition, we examine air pollution control, indoor air quality, and the use of filtration and absorption to purify syngas and biofuels.

Research Spotlight

large_iStock_000016542233Medium.jpg5-hydroxymethyl furfural may not roll easily off the tongue, but this carbon-neutral, renewable material offers a promising alternative to fossil fuels. Commonly referred to as HMF, it can be readily converted into a bio-oil with properties very similar to petroleum. And unlike many biofuels, it can be produced from organic waste rather than food crops, taking the pressure off food prices.
The problem? Current methods of generating HMF from waste material are expensive, technically challenging, and often toxic.

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