Printable Electronic Materials Laboratory

Printable Electronic Materials Lab

Our lab conducts cutting edge research on advanced materials, which are suitable for electronics and electrical devices. Currently we are focusing on the development of printable electronic materials including polymer semiconductors, polymer conductors, polymer binders, and various nanomaterials for thin film transistors (flexible displays, RFID tags, smart labels, sensors, and wearable electronics), photovoltaics (solar cells and photodetectors), and batteries (lithium batteries).

Research Spotlight

Improving Organic Thin-film TransistorsOrganic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) have plenty of advantages over their traditional, silicon-based counterparts. These carbon-based semiconductors are cheaper. They're flexible. They're lightweight. But when it comes to the main measure of performance - charge carrier mobility - they still lag behind.

The problem lies in the poorly organized molecular structure of organic semiconductors. Treating the thin-film transistor with high-tempertures can address this, but it's expensive and time-consuming...

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