Sirius Research Group

The Sirius Research Group

The Sirius Research Group at the University of Waterloo studies the foundations and applications of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. Our expertise spans:

  • Systems (Networking and distributed systems; Distributed systems theory; Databases and data mining; Resource management)
  • Security (Cryptography and cryptosystems; Post-quantum cryptography; Data privacy; Information security)
  • Verification (Program analysis; Formal verification; Mathematical reasoning)

Our work explores the application of blockchains to:

Research Spotlight

Blockchain Boosts Green Power Markets

Blockchain can do more than drive cryptocurrency transactions, according to WISE researcher Srinivasan Keshav. The computer science professor also sees opportunity to let small-scale energy producers sell green electricity to the highest bidder.

Currently, a homeowner with a dozen photovoltaic panels on her roof has only one option for selling the electricity she produces: to the local utility at a price established by government...

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