Sustainable Energy Policy Group

Sustainable Energy Policy 

Brings together a number of researchers in the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Environment. More specifically, our members are investigating a range of policy, management and behavioural issues related to advanced energy efficiency, conservation, demand management and increased use of renewable energy in our energy systems. We have numerous links with international, national and local partners (including intergovernmental agencies, governments, utilities, businesses, civil society and other researchers). We have funding from a range of agencies, including national funding bodies (NSERC, SSHRC), provincial associations and the private sector. Our research aims to explain current situations, to explore technology-society interactions and to advance future opportunities for sustainability.

Research Spotlight

This is an image of the Energy Hub Management SystemSetting a target and striving towards it is something we all do, whether it's getting fitter, losing weight and or saving more money. So why not take advantage of that goal-setting instinct to encourage energy conservation? That's part of the thinking behind the Energy Hub Management System (EHMS), the brainchild of Professor Ian Rowlands and a crew of engineering and environmental science researchers at the University of Waterloo.

Once homeowners have set specific energy goals, they can log on to the EHMS to monitor their conservation progress in terms of money saved...

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