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SEN Canada 2013

Image of Business Leaders discussing Energy IssuesOn 30 September 2013, WISE hosted its first Smart Energy Networks Leadership Event.

SEN Canada 2013 brought together 65 leaders in government, utilities, business, civil society and academia to start the discussion about the potential role of integrated, multiple-fuel, and communicative systems in Canada's energy future. The event fostered an understanding of SEN, providing an opportunity to participate in discussions that advance SEN in Canada with national and international speakers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders.

Venue & Location

Image of MaRS Discovery DistrictMaRS Collaboration Centre

We are very happy to have hosted SEN Canada 2013 in the MaRS Collaboration Centre. Described as "superb, flexible, comfortable facilities in a building that mixes heritage with modern architecture", this venue was perfect for working together to share and generate ideas about Smart Energy Networks.

MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street, Toronto, ON

Map Showing MaRS Location



Continental Breakfast and Registration


Welcome by Tracey Forrest and Ian Rowlands (event Co-chairs)


Panel 1 - What are Smart Energy Networks?


Moderator: Dr. Ian Rowlands

The purpose of this panel is to review the concept of 'smart energy networks', noting how they 'link' to other terms in use (e.g., 'smart grids') and how they are perceived in different parts of the world.  Participants, when registering, will have been asked to contribute their own definition of 'smart energy networks' (amongst other information); this information will be used in developing the material.

  1. Dr. Joachim Knebel, Chief Science Officer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  2. Dr. Jatin Nathwani, Executive Director, WISE




Panel 2 - The Value Proposition


Moderator: Dr. Olaf Weber

This panel will open with a presentation on the potential costs and benefits of smart energy networks. Our international guests will present international case studies with emphasis on the value proposition of smart energy networks. The case studies will reflect the integrative nature of SEN (incl. the convergence of multiple energy sources and ICT) where benefits, costs and risks have been quantified and/or qualified. 

  1. Dr. Peter Lund, Professor, Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Finland
  2. Mr. Koji Arita, Deputy Mayor, Toyota City
  3. David SimpsonVice President, In-franchise Sales and Marketing and Customer Care 

    Union Gas Limited




Panel 3 - Lessons From the Past: A Way Forward


Moderator: Dr. Catherine Rosenberg

The industry is going through changes that show similarities with what happened to the Telcos about 25 years ago. Are there any lessons to be learned from that past? Mistakes to be avoided? In particular, new opportunities bring new players and new services. What are they? And how to ease the integration of these new players and new services in an ecosystem which is still highly regulated?

  1. Jeffrey Taft, Cisco Connected Energy Networks Chief Architect
  2. Malcolm Metcalfe, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, ENBALA Power Networks
  3. Bruce Campbell, President & CEO, IESO




Panel 4 - Research, Development and Demonstration Needs


Moderator: Dr. Eric Croiset

This panel will examine possible barriers and roadblocks to the development of smart energy networks from a technological, economical and, possibly, societal points of view. What needs to be done to overcome those obstacles? Do we need more R&D, more demonstration? Is there an appetite for Canadian or Province-specific smart energy network roadmaps?

  1. William Smith, Senior Vice President, Energy Sector, Siemens Canada Ltd.
  2. Dr. Evgueniy Entchev, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
  3. Mr. Daryl Wilson, President and CEO, Hydrogenics Corporation




Panel 5 - Reflection and Realization


Moderator: Paul Murphy

Reactions from the panel on the day's proceedings (based on questions, comments and reactions collected during the day from participants). Panel remarks followed by informal discussion within small groups (tables), and key messages communicated with audience.

  1. Jim Burpee, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association
  2. Bruce Orloff, Canadian Smart Grid Leader, IBM Canada
  3. Mel Ydreos, Executive Director, EnergyVantage


Concluding Remarks by Tracey Forrest and Ian Rowlands (event Co-chairs)


Reception at the MaRS Collaboration Centre Café

Event Resources

The SEN Canada 2013 Leadership Event discussions were stimulated by material in two White Papers written by panelists Dr. Ian Rowlands and Dr. Olaf Weber. WISE has introduced the next White Paper in the Smart Energy Networks Series, authored by Dr. Ian Rowlands. This White Paper summarises the discussions tabled at the SEN Canada 2013 Leadership Event and investigates possible ways forward to continue to advance smart energy network issues. All White papers are now available for download. Also available is the SEN Canada 2013 Executive Summary, which will give you an overview of the event.



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