SeyedBijan Mahbaz

SeyedBijan Mahbaz

NDT, Co-Founder
Inspecterra Inc. (Engineering)

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Waterloo, Ontario
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SeyedBijan Mahbaz received his Ph.D. from the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at the University of Waterloo. He got his Master degree from the University of Tehran and worked there as a research assistant for two years. During his 9 years of experiences in oil and gas industry in Iran, he started a successful tech-based company (Petro Gostar Permayon) which is in its 8th year of operation. His Ph.D. project outcome is a unique methodology for inspection of reinforced concrete structures. Condition assessment of bridges and parking structures is the main application of his developed technology. The US patent for his developed scanning device is filed now. He started his tech-based start-up, Inspecterra Inc. recently with WISE Members Maurice Dusseault and Giovanni Cascante which provides inspection service results to the bridges and parking structures owners. He is working on two new research projects: One is in Nanotechnology area, which he is working with his ex-supervisor to develop a Nano Geomechanics methodology for fracture propagation modeling in hard rocks. Second, is new hybrid wind-tower turbine for residential buildings.

November 9

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