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How do we achieve our mission?
At WISE, we recognize that the energy issues facing our society are complex. That's why our over 100 experts are drawn from dozens of different disciplines spanning engineering, environment, science, applied health studies, math and arts. Energy issues also involve multiple stakeholders. We work closely with utilities, private-sector partners, government and the non-profit sector to ground our work in real-world issues. We offer our partners the full spectrum of energy R&D, education and training and commercialization activities.


We believe the biggest breakthroughs come from uniting leading researchers from dozens of disciplines.

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Reach Out

We're working with industry, government and the non-profit sector to create sustainable energy solutions.

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Our research shapes public attitudes, informs energy policies and improves quality of life at home and around the globe.

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Our Team

Prof. Claudio Cañizares, Executive Director, WISE

Professor Cañizares is a University Professor and Hydro One Endowed Chair in the electrical and computer engineering (ECE) department at the University of Waterloo, where he has held various academic and administrative positions since 1993. Professor Cañizares’ research activities focus on the study of stability, control, optimization, modeling, simulation, and computational issues in bulk power systems, microgrids, and energy systems in the context of competitive energy markets and smart grids.

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Armughan Al-Haq, Manager, Program Development, Partnerships and Finance

Armughan is responsible for the successful execution of multiple R&D projects initiated by WISE in collaboration with different universities, research institutes, government agencies, and industry partners. He manages the strategic initiatives of WISE in enhancing its project portfolio, investment capital, and I.P capacity in the renewable energy sector leading to research commercialization, prototype development, and deployment of pilot projects on a nationwide scale.

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Sana Sadiq, Administrative Assistant & Communications Specialist

Oversees all daily administrative functions at WISE and serves as the administrative assistant to the Executive Director. Provides strong customer focus that allows WISE members and partners to concentrate their efforts on driving innovative energy solutions with the assurance that they will be able to do so within a first-class and highly professional environment. Also, responsible for managing the website content, design and development of marketing campaigns and other graphic-related aspects of WISE project materials.

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WISE Resources

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