Xiao-Yu Wu, Lili Cai, Xuefeng Zhu, Ahmed Ghoniem, and Weishen Yang

WISE Member Catherine Rosenberg weighs in on the much talked about 5G topic!

SDSN Canada is currently looking for a University of Waterloo student leader to lead and coordinate all its SDSN Youth activities throughout Canada.

Originally posted Tuesday June 30, 2020 in The Star
By Jatin Nathwani
M.V. Ramana
Schyler Edmundson

Originally posted by Jeff Semple, Global News
June 14, 2020 11:00 am

This is a call reminder for researchers who are interested in applying to the NFRF Global Platform stream
The deadline for this call is September 1, 2020 with the NFRF Registration Form due by September 15

A report by Jatin Nathwani and Raynier Ramasra
Published online by Balsillie School of International Affairs in the Balsillie Papers

Written by WISE Member Professor Maurice Dusseault

This week, oil futures fell below $0 per barrel. What happened? What is Canada’s plan for helping the industry at home, and will it be effective?

We put these questions to Professor Jatin Nathwani, Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for…

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