Bharatkumar V. Solanki, Kankar Bhattacharya, & Claudio A. Cañizares

Electronic Applications Due By: Tuesday December 5, 2017

This event was held in partnership with the Council for Clean and Reliable Energy on November 9, 2017 in Federation Hall at the University of Waterloo

Ali Elkamel, William Anderson, Mohamed Elsholkami, Matthew Warren, Chu Huang, Sheryl Peters, Zhengkai Tu

Energy Council of Canada Energy Policy Fellow Stephanie Whitney

The Innovation Showcase will allow you to feature your company/research at the event during two key networking sessions where industry, academia, innovators, entrepreneurs and policy makers will have the opportunity to connect. A dedicated area will be incorporated into the conference facility where information may be displayed, product showcased and innovative technologies introduced from corporate and institutional sources.

Energy is the lifeblood of human society. By creatively harnessing energy we can transform it into clean water, food, jobs, and connectivity. The world has enough latent capacity for energy innovation to shift the trajectory of global development. The world needs more disruption that taps into those energy innovations to accomplish a second transformation: the transformation of lives. The 2018 Hult Prize is an invitation to student teams around the world to find and develop energy innovations that can be scaled to improve the lives of millions.

Innovus wins in Major Independent Microgrid study: Provides lowest LCOE and highest reductions in diesel and emissions'

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September 15, 2017 by Paul Pauze

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