Memorial University‘s Project Call for Applications (2): 2022 - (Engagement Fund)

Memorial University‘s Call for Applications (1): 2022 - (Development Fund)

This is a one-off opportunity. There will be no expected future rounds.

Prof. Claudio Cañizares (Executive Director, WISE) has participated in the ETNO Sprint Report.

WISE is providing opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students this summer!

Matheus F. Zambroni de Souza, Prof. Kankar Bhattacharya and Prof. Claudio Cañizares

WISE Executive Director, Prof. Claudio Cañizares, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been selected to receive the prestigious Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision.

Opportunity for Students: Research Assistant Positions at Yukon University

CSME Symposium 2022

WISE is offering short-term virtual internships for Winter 2022.

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