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Future Events

Public Lecture Series - Smarter Cities: New Servic…

Monday 11AM → 12PM ET
Robert Shorten, Professor & Chair, Control Engineering & Decisions Science, University Colle…

Public Lecture Series - Printed MEMS: sensors, act…

Wednesday 2PM → 3PM ET
Hélène Debéda, Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux, IMS Laboratory, PRIMS team

Public Lecture Series - Directional Drilling and M…

Wednesday, July 5 10:30AM → 11:30AM ET
Clinton Moss, President, Marksman Ranging Technologies, Scientific Drilling
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Past Events

On May 19 WISE was joined by Dr. Matthew Peloso, the CEO and Founder of Sun Electric Pte. Ltd., Singapore for a lecture entitled, 'Post-Net Metering for a Sustainable City'

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