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Yves Lostanlen


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120 Eglinton avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
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Dr Yves Lostanlen is currently CEO of SIRADEL North America, fully owned by ENGIE, and lives in Toronto.
With his teams, colleagues and students, Dr Lostanlen created innovative business models to provide services and products to harmonize the digital transformation of urban infrastructures (telecom, energy, mobility, water distribution).
A mentor for startup companies and a Jury for various innovation awards, Yves Lostanlen has consulted for private and public organizations on nascent ecosystems (Internet of Things, 3D environment mapping, Smart City), high-tech market trends (drones, video gaming, localization data analytics, Artificial Intelligence), and technology valuation and commercialization (Telecom, Energy, Defense).
He is always happy to discuss new ideas, to share his thoughts, experiences and networks to make entrepreneurial dreams and collaborative research work (with a positive impact on society) come true.
Yves Lostanlen is a board director and subject-matter advisor of several organizations (education, science and technology).
Yves Lostanlen has studied and worked in Europe (France, Germany, UK), USA, Canada and holds a Habilitation (Doctorate of Science) in Physics, a PhD and an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and an Executive MBA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sloan).

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