Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Systems

Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Systems (CAPDS)

Promotes cutting-edge research and development that spans the spectrum of photovoltaic (PV) technology. Our 14,000-square-foot facility includes infrastructure for synthesizing semiconductor base materials; developing nanotechnologies for PV; designing and fabricating advanced PV devices and modules; and testing and characterizing PV materials, devices and systems.

Research Spotlight

This is an image of a Solar Power StationHarvesting energy from the sun is an attractive proposition. But when you convert solar energy into electricity on a large scale, as so-called "solar farms" aim to do, you run into a number of problems. These range from land use issues to the technical headaches of incorporating new electricity sources into our current grid.

Investigators at UW, the University of Western Ontario, Hydro One and OptiSolar are finding solutions, thanks to an ambitious $4.5 million research collaboration...

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