Lab for Biomanufacturing

Lab for Biomanufacturing

Merges engineering and biology, converting cells into miniature factories to generate useful products. Our lab concentrates on three main areas: the production of industrial enzymes and therapeutic proteins; the production of biofuels such as biohydrogen, biobutanol and biodiesel; and techniques to purify biomanufactured products.

Research Spotlight

TDr. Chou and Dr. Moo-youngAn innovative biofuel that may one day be cheaper to produce than gasoline is being developed at the University of Waterloo by two chemical engineering researchers.

"If this is successful, we'll have a new technology that's Canadian. We'll also have students trained to do this, who will be among the highly-qualified people needed to develop this country's biofuels and biomanufacturing industry," says Murray Moo-Young, a distinguished professor emeritus in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Biofuels are a renewable energy source produced by plants like sugar cane and corn. While these fuels are better for the environment than fossil fuels, they are often expensive to...

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