Departments & Schools

Department & Schools


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Paul Doherty


Chemical Engineering


Cheriton School of Computer Science

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Ihab Ilyas

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Earth & Environmental Sciences


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Anindya Sen

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Environment & Resource Studies

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Ian Rowlands

Geography & Environmental Management

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Robert Feick

Photo of Paul ParkerOffline

Paul Parker

Geological Engineering

Management Sciences

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Mel Gabriel

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Lukasz Golab

Photo of Beth JewkesOffline

Beth Jewkes

Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

School of Architecture

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

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Komal Habib

Photo of Olaf WeberOffline

Olaf Weber

Photo of Steven YoungOffline

Steven Young

flows and footprints - where does stuff …

School of Planning

Photo of Robert FeickOffline

Robert Feick

School of Public Health & Health Systems

Systems Design Engineering

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